13 November 2020: Cute Song Aroob Khan ft. Satvik Sankhyan

Today’s RJ’s Special is the super cute track, Cute Song by Aroob Khan. Aroob Khan is a fairly new to the industry and we hadn’t ever heard much about her until the release of this song but we must say, this track is just as gorgeous as it sounds. The tempo and beat are perfect fits with the name and Aroob Khan’s voice is just gorgeous. The music video is quite wonderful as well, with catchy colours and a modern look. Aroob Khan can be seen alongside Satvik Sankhyan in the music video and has received over 61 million views on youtube at the time of this writing.

We’re happy to announce this song’s feature on our daily RJ’s Specials. Stay tuned in to CHDP – Radio Dilon Punjabi to listen to this track and many others.

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Aroob-khan-cute-song-lyrics

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