11 November 2020: Eddan Ni by Amrit Maan featuring Himanshi Khurana and Bohemia

Today’s RJ’s Special is the super swagger track by Amrit Maan and Bohemia, Eddan Ni. This beautiful track has been making the top charts and we’ve had it playing non-stop in our studio since it’s release so we definitely had to feature this one. Amrit Maan is an amazing singer and has done a commendable job in this hit track and Bohemia’s rap is fire as always. Since release in late October, the music video has achieved 7.9 million views on youtube and the song definitely hasn’t received the attention it deserves so far.

We’re happy to announce the song’s feature on our daily RJ’s Specials today. Stay tuned in to CHDS – Radio Dil Se to listen to this track and many others. 


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