9 November 2020: SP De Rank Wargi by Nimrat Khaira

Though an old one, today’s RJ’s Special is the hit track by Nimrat Khaira, SP De Rank Wargi which came out in March of 2017. The song is a beautiful one and Nimrat Khaira’s melodious voice is one that matches no other and the song has definitely received much of the recognition it deserves as the youtube video has garnered a little over 15 million views at the time of this writing on Youtube. The video features Nimrat Khaira and famous Punjabi singer Parmish Verma, though Parmish Verma doesn’t sing himself. The track is only 2 and a half minutes long and is enough to keep you hooked. 

We’re happy to announce this song’s feature on our daily RJ’s Specials. Stay tuned in to CHDP – Radio Dilon Punjabi to listen to this track and many others.

Lyrics: https://www.lyricsted.com/sp-de-rank-wargi-nimrat-khaira/

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